Monday, December 17, 2012

My Music Monday

I'm back in a bluegrass mood today.

DJ - you can keep going about your business, but who knows, you might listen and like at some point.  I mean, you're taking banjo lessons......just sayin'.

This time I am going with Nickel Creek, a now-defunct trio (though they still have an active band url) of talented young musicians.

Produced over the years (on and off) by Alison Krauss, today's selection, "When in Rome" was actually not helmed by her, but some of Krauss' influences remain while the band takes, for lack of a better phrase, a harder edge in bluegrass.

Nickel Creek had bigger songs (well, in the country / bluegrass world), but I still come back to "Rome"  seven years after its release.

All members, brother and sisters Sean and Sara Watkins and Chris Thile are still active in recording and touring - just not with each other, though allegedly they claim to one day to reunite. They are not the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, so I'm not sure it's big news if they do or do not.

Still, when you look when they hit it big, they were all in their early to mid-20s and showed remarkable talent, whether you gravitate to this type of music or not.

And like it or not, here is "When in Rome".

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Erik Rubright said...

I know I've heard there name over and over again, but I can't think of anything they did other than that collaboration of "Shine" with Dolly.