Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Than Physical

I started physical therapy yesterday.   ...for my shoulder.  Not my foot - though right now I'm wondering if that should have been the priority.

Grass. Greener.  You know the drill.

Well, one thing at a time, and right now it is Mr. Left Shoulder.

Not 100% PT will work. The tendon that is running under the shoulder is frayed a bit - or so it is suspected.

I have exercises for strengthening and to improve my range-of-motion.  By the way - "strengthening" means using a 3lb weight.  I also have bands to use three times a day. The weight and the bands can easily go in my travel case so I can work out in the hotel room.

With PT,  I'm nothing if not compliant.  I don't want to be there.

It is unknown if I can go back to lifting. No time soon - at least not certain lifts. I can probably do some curls.  Not curlers.  I thought I'd just cut all you off at the pass on that "joke".    If the sessions don't work, injections might be required.  The thought of a needle going in my shoulder area makes me wince.

My therapist isn't as cute as my last one.  He's nice and all and barely hurt me, but he is no Adam.  Adam no longer works there.  Oh well.

After PT, I went to do holiday things. Kind of.

Cleveburgh is getting hit by their first measurable snow in 290 days !!!!   I know, it seems a lifetime (and almost a record), but we had such a mild winter last year.

The winds were wicked as were the freeways.  I totally lost control of my car and am completely amazed I did not hit anyone or end up in a ditch.  I wasn't speeding, just hit a bad patch of snow or ice and that was that.  Then I would have really needed PT.

So, one day into actual Winter and we are in it.  Original forecast was for 6-15" of snow, but it's looking more like 4.   ....and potentially friends on the way up to see us for a day.  I'm excited.

I hope they are.

Song by:  Bananarama


Ur-spo said...

I hope your gathering was a splendid one.

Unknown said...

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