Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the Weight

At first I was going to say I haven't been forthcoming, but that's not quite true. I have not quite lied either.

My gym time is down to zero and has been for a few months.

Part has clearly been my lack of time spent in town, as I have been on the road constantly. Part has to do with Petey - that I'm not up and out as early when it comes to walks, breakfast and belly rubs for him. He makes me want to stay at home.

Part still has to do with my impingement syndrome and my tendinitis.

I fully cop to the fact that I've done nothing about either.

That said, I'm still doing yoga, both on Sundays and in my hotel rooms, and am adding Saturday to the mix this upcoming weekend.  But without doing cardio and weightlifting, my maladies have not hurt me all that much. I tend to forget about them.

As for that Saturday yoga, David and I were late for it last week, so we went to his gym to workout. 13 minutes into my cardio and I knew I was fucked. All the pain I had not been experiencing the last few months in my left foot was back with a vengeance.  David offered to let me stop, but by then I had six minutes to finish my routine.

Then it was on to weights.  Ouch.

Yeah, all that I had pain I didn't have (well, for the most part) was back.  ....and four days later I'm still in pain, so I'm at least tackling one problem: my shoulder.

Yes, I start physical therapy on Friday. Hopefully I can regain my mobility and get to a place where I can lift again.

After that, I'll focus on the foot.  The custom orthodics I was supposed to get turned out not to be covered by insurance and was to set me back $600.  Of course, now I'm thinking I should have shelled out for it. Maybe after the first of the year.

BUT - do you want to know the joke of only doing yoga?   Do ya?

I currently weigh less than I have in almost two decades.  I did a weigh-in at a client site, fully dressed and with steel toed shoes on.  I was 182.  About 18 months ago I was 183.5 - and that was nekkid and I was working out 4-5 times a week.

The key is, don't work out and eat like crap and lose weight.  Ok, I don't seem to have a much muscle as I once had and that I was working towards, but maybe with my new found weight, I can build on that and just be more defined, or seemingly more defined.

That's what I'm going to work off of - right after I finish PT.

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anne marie in philly said...

after 1.5 years of strength training at the gym, I feel stronger, my back and knees are not painful, I can see body changes, but not too much weight loss (only 30 pounds). still, this is better than being in constant pain, needing heating pads and copious aleve.

do what you can when you can.

Erik Rubright said...

Congrats on the weight loss/maintenance, even while doing "nothing". Although I would think with your description of the yoga classes, that would be just as much of a workout as cardio at the gym.