Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

It's that time of year again - wrapping up another 365.  That finishes four consecutive years and possibly starting a fifth.

Well, I am starting a fifth. The question is - do I complete a fifth?  Or should I? Or can I?

It's a hastily shot video - no retakes, no edits, no script. You can tell because I call the airport a 'hotel' when I meant to say 'here and hotels'.  Ahhh...the best laid plans. Or the bad annunciation. Whichever.

And ugh - my right eye, what is up with that?  I noticed it before in an earlier video, but I swear it looks like I've had some kind of stroke or a not so sudden on-set case of Bell's Palsy.

I'm just falling apart, I tell you - in every way, shape or form.

But I lie - I do write the sins and the tragedies....and hopefully a little fun stuff too.

As always, thanks for entertaining me, with your drop-byes and your comments. I've been told by a few people this last weekend how difficult it is to actually leave a comment on this blog. I am sorry about that. I guess I can take away the filters for a while to see what kind of spam and shit shows up - but then I might have to reinstate the hoops.  Any thoughts on that?

Anyhoo - see ya tomorrow.

Song by: Panic! at the Disco


Cubby said...

Yes the hoops are difficult. My middle-aged, bifocal-wearing eyes just cannot read those damned captchas.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you wish I had a harder time leaving comments.

anne marie in philly said...

smooches! :)

Brettcajun said...

GRIN. I wonder how many airport terminal people wondered why a strange man was talking to himself.

x said...

Had I been in the Denver airport while you were filming this, I would have been compelled to stand behind you and throw Starbucks stirrers at you. A whole mug of them. have fun in Cali!

Ur-spo said...

Indeed congratulations on your commendable achievement. I always enjoy hearing your voice.

Wonder Man said...

Happy 365

tornwordo said...

Kibble! I could never go back to daily posting.

Erik Rubright said...

One should always complete a fifth. Why let all that alcohol go to waste?

But belated congratulations on your blobbyversary of four consecutive years! I've enjoyed it. Not that I've been around for the full four years. So far.

The Denver airport. I hate that place. The two times I've passed through it, I had to quite literally run from one end of the airport to the other to catch my next flight. Not pleasant. But at least they held the plane for me.

Oh, and the scruff looks good on your face.