Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stepping Out

Well, that was another debate gone wrong. Well, I assume. I did not watch, but by all accounts it was a shit show. While I don't have another solution for whittling down candidates, this seems like the worst job interview ever.

My ballot should be arriving any day now, and honestly, I'm not 100% sure for whom I'm voting. I've narrowed it down for sure, but I'll have to do some soul searching (first, finding out if I have one), to make my final selection.

But dating is like a job interview, no?  Someone on Twitter wraps up in word each candidate as if  they had gone on a date. She's not entirely wrong on any of them.

I have not displayed these in any particular order.  No lie: the Tulsi Gabbard one made me laugh out loud.

Song by: Joe Jackson


anne marie in philly said...

bernie & elizabeth are pretty good too.

Travel said...

Voted last weekend, I will be out of town on election day.