Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Podcast of the Month

I've fallen behind in my podcast listening. There area a fuck of a lot of them out there.

I do not know the ratio of good to bad podcast, but it is so subjective, it would be hard to quantify.

Still, when I heard Paula Poundstone had one called....wait for it....Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone, I figgered, how bad can it be?  Paula's funny, right?  She's good on "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me", right?

As it turns out, the podcast is aptly named. While there was one person who did listen to Poundstone (me!), it also turns out I shan't keep listening.

I opted not to go back to episode 1 and just started at the newest one, which is #84!!!  You'd think with being so far into these things - and some of them lasting well over an hour (some as little as a half an hour) - that Poundstone and her co-host (?) would kind of have this down.

They don't. Or perhaps they do and it's just bad. The guy, Adam Felber, must be there to try to keep Paula on track, which not only didn't work, but everything he did and said sounded forced. The worst part?  It wasn't funny.

I will fully cop to that I'm dealing with an N of one. Well, of 0.25. I could barely make it through the intro and Poundstone's on-going song where she incorporates her word of the week was exhausting to even attempt to listen. Honestly, I never made it to the first guest.

Perhaps I got a bad episode. Perhaps I'll try another one, but I'm hot holding out high hopes.

If anyone call tell me anything different on this, I'd be glad to hear their opinion.

On the plus side: it's not Rita Rudner.


GregM said...

Totally agree with you here and I, too, am a big fan of hers. She's my favorite on "Wait Wait" and I've seen her do stand-up a couple of times. I got through two episodes and it was painful.

There is another "Wait Wait" guest who has my current favorite (now that "Dolly Parton's America" is over) podcast. Check out Mo Rocca's "Mobituaries". Not every episode knocks it out of the park, but the majority are well-worth listening to.

Deedles said...

I've never listened to a pod cast in my life. Probably won't ever. I remember her from her stand up years ago. I just remember her slouching. Frankly, I thought I heard that she had died. Must've been somebody else.