Friday, February 07, 2020

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I think even before the NPR reporter smack-down, we can agree that Mike Pompeo was a prick, right?

I mean, yeah he went to West Point, but in his actual life, he owned a tool & die shop. And yeah, he sold it to Lockheed, but does that quality him to be head of the fucking CIA or Secretary of State?  

The answer I believe you're looking for is.........'no'.

Of course, he knows nothing about separating church and state - at least according to State Department colleagues. And of course, no one rants and raves and swears like a sailor more than a person who allegedly puts his Lord and Saviour first. 

I believe the word you're looking for is........"hypocrisy". 

I laughed and laughed and laughed when Meredity showed me a Stephen Colbert piece about NPR's new giveaway that is no longer the Nina Totenbag. I'd be a sustaining member for life if I could get one of those bags. I'd take it to the grocery store daily. 

But Old Mikey did swear-blast that NPR reporter, along with the whole, 'can you find Ukraine on a map' challenge. 

And now it IS a terms of a multiple choice quiz. 

If you remember, a few years back, I did the name all 196 countries quiz.....and I did.......and I still can, but truth be told, I didn't know where all of them were located exactly, and it took a while to figure out where Lesotho was, let alone Burkina Fasso. 

I didn't get a perfect score, but I did know where Ukraine is located. 

Apparently, I can keep my seat on his plane.  Can you? 


Raybeard said...

My day feels incomplete without getting my regular dose of Stephen Colbert, and I so miss it when his show takes a break.

Btw, B.: I hope you don't mind me asking you (and nothing to do with this topic) but, having a chance at last to see the film 'Parasite' which you liked a great deal, I've book a seat for week after next, even though it has to flout my rule of not attending cinema in the evening, which entails my returning in the dark. But I'm now getting cold feet, not because of the timing. but being a Korean film what is always uppermost in my mind whenever that nationality is mentioned is the horrific treatment by some towards a certain animal, your favourite. Being such a prominent cynophile yourself, you're sure to recognise what I'm talking about. Are you able to reassure me that in the film there's no reference made to that hideous practice? I'm pretty sure you'd recall it if there had been. If you can now confirm that in no way does it feature or is even mentioned, then I can go without the fear that it'll cause me nightmares - even though it will probably still be uppermost in my mind. However, none of the reviews I've seen mention the 'unmentionable' so I suppose it's okay - and every one of them giving the film maximum ratings, so it sounds pretty unmissable.

anne marie in philly said...

2 of 10 correct - YIKES! my geography skillz are SO lacking. :(

Deedles said...

Honey, I'm not even going to try! the only reason I know that the capitol of Montana is Helena is because I know that Gary Cooper was born there! That bit of knowledge helped me beat my smug sister at Trivial Pursuit.

Blobby said...

RB - I sent you a direct email, but you're good.

Raybeard said...

Just seen and acknowledged it, B. Thanks ever so much.