Saturday, February 15, 2020


It's a post-Valentines post.  Complete with animules.

Two weeks in a row where I have too many pictures to use, so I'll save some for a possibly slower week.

Makin' Out in the snow. 
It was a picture for 710 who was still at work. Shep was so excited to have me on his level, he ended up jumping on me and knocking me on my back. THEN the kisses really started. It would have been hilarious if a car had driven by. 

Lounging Sophie. Always near by. 

Bailey watching the Westminster Dog Show. Intently, at that. 

Shep likes to get close when we are putting on shoes. He knows it means, we usually take him somewhere. He doesn't realize this act slows us down. 

Lord the cat loves the radiant flooring as much as we do. Maybe more. 

Siggie's name is misspelled, but he was featured on the doggie daycare IG account - schmoozing the ladies. Or lady. Well, I'm assuming it's a girl. 

Bailey also made it updstairs, which is not allowed at my sister's house. 
Wally looks on, unimpressed. 

Love Soph on this rug. 

Valentime's pick up. Everyone is all dolled up in their kerchiefs. 
Cleveland Jones Jr. is looking right at me. He's the little brown beagle mix. Love him. Love his name.

Shep got one too. And came home with a bag of treat. 
He was very good to pose here, and not just be a hound. 

Song by: Belinda Carlisle


anne marie in philly said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a pix of wally cat. of course, your kids look spiffy as always. and all the puppies with the kerchifs - COOL!

Bob said...

Shep is always good for a pose.I'm thinking Sophie might be giving him lessons?

Raybeard said...

I'm late catching up this week, but glad that I've finally made it. (LapTop problems!).
This selection is possibly your most entertaining batch yet. Makes me positively YEARN for the company of each and every one of them.
In the second pic above, Sophie's face made me immediately think of the 'cat-faces' in the hugely derided recent 'Cats' film. At least we know that all that Sophie has is exclusively her very own. (Thank Heavens!)

Ur-spo said...

love these!