Wednesday, February 19, 2020

King for a Day

I don't know if BLOTUS know this or not, but he made a serious mistake when he did some of his pardons and commutations.

Do you think he knows he let a black woman and a Hispanic one out of prison?  I mean, that's gotta be a mistake, right? Two black women, actually.

I totally get the white men. BLOTUS might really need those 11 votes later this year. But the Hispanic woman confounds me - we all know BLOTUS thinks brown women and their kids should be in cages.....but separated from each other.

What he's hoping with Angela Stanton is what I would call a very loose affiliation with Martin Luther King.  She is the goddaughter of MLK's daughter, who later in life adopted her, so she has tacked on the 'King' opportunists normally do.  So basically, she's nothing in terms of race relations.

On the other hand, she was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, so chance are she knows NeNe and Tootie. 'Cause you know Black Sue ain't gonna be swayed to the BLOTUS, and while Blair might, Tootie is gonna be a hard pass on that ticket.

And since this chick wasn't even alive when MLK was assassinated, but way to co-op the brand, sweetie. Oh and she also was involved in a car theft ring, but you know the mcmansions in Atlanta don't pay for themselves..........a girl's gotta eat!'s not like Stanton-"King" is bring the black vote over to the BLOTUS side. I mean, gurl, even Kanye could only bring the cray-cray, but not the black vote.

But when it does come down to the white folk - and I do honestly believe the three females of colour were to distract you from rich white men - it's all about who you know.

Honestly, I could be wrong, but I do not remember any other president (save Ford pardoning Nixon) to use their powers so blatantly for people they know.  Blagojevich, DeBartolo, Kerik, Milken all have had ties to this fat fuck of a president.  And yes, all white. all male.

Up on deck:  Barr. Stone. Flynn. Guliani. Kushner. Trump. Trump. Trump Jr.. 

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anne marie in philly said...

disgraceful obstruction of justice again. and WTF did he call himself yesterday - the nation's top law enforcer, or something stupid like that? DICTATOR!!!!!