Monday, February 17, 2020

My Music Monday

I'm not a fan of rap music, per se. There are some aspects to it that I agree with are an art form, but a lot of it, isn't what I'd call pleasant to listen to.
And it's not the cursing. I have a great appreciation for salty language. I can do without the misogyny, homophobia and violence. That said, ironically, rap is one of the music forms I don't usually listen to the lyrics.

Oddly (?) the only other rap song I can remember featuring here was Eminem feat Skylar Grey and Dr. Dre. This time, it's the same, minus Dre.

Maybe it says something about me that the only rap I feature here has been a white dude. I might have done Macklemore once? ......but he's white too.

There was that big hoo-hah over Eminem performing at the Oscars the other week. Allegedly, the Academy asked him, as he didn't perform it (or show) to the 2002 show where he won, so they offered him the chance.

It's nice gesture, except that his songs from the past hated on women and homos, which one might say they could over look...............except for the Kevin Hart being fired from the Oscars for Tweets he made about the same things. So the Academy - shock of shocks - does not ring true when it comes to rationale.

So today's selection, "Leaving Heaven" may or may not contain any of that. I honestly haven't listened that closely. When his new disk came out a month ago, pre-dawn, I sat and sampled his disk the morning of its release.

Regardless of what I think of his music per se, Eminem has a certain style, one I have never heard in anyone ever before or since.

I honestly do not expect anyone here to sit through the entire song. Still, I challenge you to get up to 2:04.  What I'm really wanting you to hear is his art - and yes, it is - from say, the 1:30 mark to 2:07. It's quite impressive to say the very least.

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