Saturday, February 08, 2020

My Side of the Bed

It was a good week or so of photos. So much so, that I didn't use them all, should I need some for a slower week!

Yes. The Gifting Neighbor strikes again - and one hound is very very happy. 

Pretty Kitty

Shep isn't normally a dog out the window kind of guy, but he was awaiting my return from the grocery store. No worries, 710 was in the car with him. 

She's a looker, if I say so myself. 

We had our first real winter weather yesterday. I ended up taking a half day off, because I could, and I broke Shep out of daycare for a field trip around one of our lakes. He loved the snow!

We came home, NOT to find Sophie. She was curled up on my side of the bed. 

And as is with every morning, my seat on that sofa is right between them. Just barely wide enough for my fat ass. 

Song by: Susanna Hoffs


anne marie in philly said...

great photos this week.

we have had three str8 days of rain; if it were colder, three feet of snow instead. I'll take the rain.

Bob said...

As usual, I'm dying over Sophie's face!

Raybeard said...

You excel even yourself here, B. Such riches this week, doing the both of them full justice. Lovely!

Deedles said...


Ur-spo said...

Sophie wins in this round