Monday, February 24, 2020

My Music Monday

Je have no theme for this month {feel free to submit one for consideration}, so I'm just going with what moves me.

It turns out, I can't easily use SoundHound when driving, so it's easier to have Siri take a pic of what's playing.

I'm finding a few things out about this:  either, I wait too long from deciding to take the pic to doing it and the title's change, OR I have lousy taste in music in the car, because when I listen to it at home, I go, "ewwww.....what was I thinking?" or "I've never heard this in my life".

So, I actually went through a bunch of options what were on my camera roll........and eliminated quite a few before I got to today's pick: "Sing Along" by Sturgill Simpson.

It's an ok song, but you know, it seems better for driving - and I think you know what I mean when I say something like that.

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GregM said...

I've credited you as an influence and have started doing a "Music Monday" post on my Facebook page. While I don't pick themes for each month, I try doing "new music" - music that is new (Billie Eilish; Lizzo; Yola) or that are new to me (Alison Kraus; Grimes; The Chemical Brothers).