Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Year in Pictures - 2018

One more trip around the sun - assuming that the U.S. voting public still believes we are heliocentric - documented in pictures.

As is the case, I attempt to use photos I have not posted. You might have seen similar ones, but not these (except the one of Spo and myself). And some come from my Instagram account, and those are usually devoid of people and dogs.

This entry, in no way, captures the entire year, just 1-4 glimpses per month. But it's all I got.

January 2018 - Meredith's surprise 50th
Ditto caught me in a laugh due to Sam (avec cap) making a joke at my expense. 

January 2018 - cross country tracks at the polo fields. 
Instagram pic. No filter. 

January 2018 - Surgery day. 

February 2018 - Post surgery on my busted hand. 

March 2018 - Bonding
...with Georty's grandchild.  Yes, you read that all correctly. 

March 2018 - March for Our Lives

March 2018 - Asserting my 1st Amendment right.

March 2018 - Renwick Gallery in DC
Before I Die...... exhibit.  Patron participation encouraged. (click to embiggen)

April 2018 - a turbulent day on Lake Erie. 
Instagram account. 

April 2018 - 05:00 dog walk and moon-cloud scape.
Instagram account. 

May 2018 - Fairport Harbour. 
The skies would open up before we made it back to the car

May 2018 - Shep & Mom
Friends forever......even if the treats run out. 

June 2018 - 100th Birthday
Aunt Marge, my 2nd cousin Ted and the birthday boy, Clete

July 2018 - Kusama
Another portal into her artwork. This one you peered into, but there was no actual room. 

July 2018 - Wrightsville Beach, NC
Walking the beach with 710 and my sister-in-law

August 2018 - Shep conquering Dad #2. He conquered me day 1. 

September 2018 - Welcome Siggie!!!!

September 2018 - Pastoral view on dog walk. 
Instagram account

October 2018 - a brief visit with Dr. Spo

October 2018 - Storm Approaching. 
Instagram account. 

October 2018 - Doug & I. 
I was in Chicago for a conference and met up twice with my dear, long-time friend, Doug. 

November 2018 - drinks (and apparently condemnation) with the former "other" Brett.  London. 

November 2018 - the Eye from (near) Downing St. 

November 2018 - Strangers on a Train

Possibly my favourite picture from our Europe trip. 

Couple across from us on the EuroStar.  I accidentally kicked her Pret a Manger bag which was on the floor and she said, "don't worry about it", after my apology.  Which is four more words than she said to her husband the entire ride. 

Naturally, I back-storied it all:  This trip to Paris was their last grasp at their marriage. But look - she's totally dead behind the eyes. He was more handsome than the pic suggested, so naturally he was having multiple affairs.  And she knew it.  This trip would not save their union. 

(p.s. I had a lot of time on the 2h:24m ride)

November 2018 - Paris. 
The required tour Eiffel shot. 

December 2018 - Petey remembrance

December 2018 - Irony? Sarcasm? 
Unfortunately, I don't think it was either. I think there was an actual Jewish BLOTUS supporter at a Chinese restaurant we went to on xmas night. 

No doubt more images in 2019.


JP said...

I like your land scape storm approaching pic.

anne marie in philly said...

busy year for you.

HNY to all at your house!

Ur-spo said...

oh these are wonderful!
thank you for including me.