Saturday, December 29, 2018

You Couldn't Be Cuter

We wrap up 2018 pet pics with some year-end Shep and Sophie shots.  No doubt we'll picking right back up in 2019.  No worries.  


Shep was at the ready when we filled his food bin. I left him have a mouthful before closing it. 

Empty day at the park.  Cleveland in the background. 

Lounging.  She's never bothered the tree, unlike Tovah and Kylie. 

Dr. Tongue. 

I welcome the greeting. 

You know who - up at Lake Erie just yesterday. 
It was 55 - in December.  We walked for miles.  Then it poured. 

But the big news of the week. 

As you saw last week that Peter & Mike lost their pal, Otis. 
No fears - they now have Ollie. ......and he's cuter than hell. 

Where we are a hound family (it seems), The Pike household (that's what I'm now calling them), is a Portugese Water Dog one.  I get it. 

Ollie isn't much on training manuals.  
I think the cuteness factor will let him get away with a fuck of a lot. 

Song by: Diana Krall


anne marie in philly said...

welcome to the new puppeh! adorable!

and a happy new year to all living creatures at your house, blobby.

Bob said...

Ollie is adorable are Shep on the Beach, and Miss Sophie!

Deedles said...

I thought Portuguese Water Dogs were black. Is Ollie biracial? *Snicker* Cute as a very furry button! Shep and Sophie never disappoint.

Ur-spo said...

Such lovelies!