Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ad of the Month

I'm being more consistent about this Ad of the Month thing, so yay me!

Today I'm bringing you a weird 00:00:15 spot. A "holiday" commercial, if you will.

Regardless of intent, it's a strange interaction, at best.   Go ahead.  Hit play.

Is that the worst pick-up line ever?  Because that was my take - and using the word 'meat' to another dude it just risky business.

Does white gay customer, hope that black straight butcher is gonna come down his chimney.  Yes. I went there.   Saying "that's weird" is the best case scenario for white gay customer. A Roadhouse kick to the teeth was one of the other options.

I just keep hearing "meat Santa" over and over in my head. Sure it's my OCD, but I'm making me uncomfortable.


wcs said...

I can't un-hear "meat santa."

Mark in DE said...

We've been talking about this commercial and its 'cousin', the cheese school commercial. I guess we were more in tune with the fact that they both seem to convey awkward gay customers, rather than the ugliness of the term meat Santa. HAHA!!

Ur-spo said...

I appreciate these posts!