Friday, December 28, 2018


Far be it from me to disparage adventurer and some alleged historic feat he accomplished, but here I go.

THIS, is Antarctica. Huge, right?

Colin O'Brady, according to some new organizations (and himself) traversed the length of Antarctica, by himself. Some say coast-to-coast. A first in history, "they" say.

....because, what is "the length", really?

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. I mean, he was "by himself".  He could be the Rosie Ruiz of the South Pole. You don't know!

If NBC's diagram is right........well............

Well, I'm not sure where you think the 'coast' starts....or ends, and granted, I have no degree in geography, so what do I know?   Still............something is nagging at me.

I couldn't get the entire diagram, but the line goes just around the mountains where it ends.

Mind you, this is NBC - so, you know, Brian Williams & Co.

Maybe they didn't do all their research, or maybe they know as much about geography as myself, OR  maybe their graphics person phoned it in.

I don't discount O'Brady's feat. Even if he did as much as NBC represents, I wouldn't walk 1000 miles in the frozen tundra, where I might have squat, turning my buns - and other things -  into ice cubes.

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wcs said...

I wonder if they're not counting the ice sheet, but only actual land above sea level? Still, very misleading. Almost Trumpian.