Sunday, October 09, 2016

the Trial

I am DYING watching this Judge Morty clip.

To be clear, like the fact that Bud Cort didn't really have a show called Bud Court and Judge Reinhold didn't really have a show called Judge Reinhold, my friend Morty doesn't have a show named after him.

Judge Morty: State of Georgia v Rick Allen is real.

Well, the facts and the transcript are real. The video clip is just the reading and animation of the real life event. It just happens to be done by the people at Adult Swim's Rick & Morty. 

Yes, the video is 11 minutes long, but after you get past the first minute or so, it is fucking hilarious.

To be clear - I know this isn't my Morty because he wouldn't tolerate a defendant saying he "jacks on white boys".

Well. Probably.

Song by: Pink Floyd

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