Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Death Came

Death is all around. There's no escaping it these days.

We were in Maryland for a service for 710's mother. It was sad, of course, but it was a nice time while the family was all together.

My cousin's husband asked to that no more measures be taken to keep his life going. Yesterday they discontinued his ventilator and a short while later, he passed on.

....so that's another service I shall be attending.

My friend Ed, is just at the two year mark from being diagnosed with colon cancer....which became liver....which became...you get the idea.

Until 6-8 months ago, he was progressing somewhat nicely, but last week he put himself into Hospice. So......tick tick tick.

And yesterday that thing where "they" die in threes happened. All at once. And it wasn't even a Buddy Holly / Ritchie Valens / Big Bopper kind of thing. I have no idea who Bobby Vee is - but apparently he up and died.

A big loss for me, was Tom Hayden. One of the Chicago 7 and a head of the SDS, I thought his causes were noble. He was 76. How did he get this old?  How did I?  Not that I'm 76 or anything, but.....

The last one was the lead singer from Dead of Alive, Pete Burns.

I was never a fan of their / his music, but if you were gay and went to bars in the '80s, it was hard to ignore / miss it. And Pete became a spectacle with his plastic surgery. It was too freaky for me.

When I took my fag hag, Jannelle, to her first gay bar, the video for "You Spin Me Right Round" came on and she asked "who is this?".  I provided the band's name, to which she dead-panned, "I think it's dead.".

...and now it is.

It can only go up from here....right?

Song by: Lucinda Williams


Fearsome Beard said...

My condolences to you both.

Bob said...

Such losses. I'm so sorry for yours.

Anonymous said...



Mark in DE said...

Sorry for your losses. For fear of sounding morbid, it seems the older we get the more death we'll encounter. I've had 3 losses within 2 months. I really hate funerals, but what are you gonna do?