Monday, October 03, 2016

My Music Monday

Two months of a numbers theme is over. I suppose I could have thrown the next theme to Erik since he kind of wussed out and just re-picked the theme for his last selection.

But I'm a decent guy - regardless of what others might say. So I'm picking the them, and I think I am going with title songs. Or the track selection with the same title as the album.

I will also open it up to a lyrical phrase that is the title of the album, while it might not be the title of the song. For lack of a better example, Laurie Anderson's "Sharkey's Night" has the lyric "home of the brave". The song appears on Home of the Brave.

I would have thought I'd have done that already, but a quick search and I don't see it happening.

So I may as well start at the As.

I'll go with a-ha and their debut album, Hunting High and Low.

I've said it before, a-ha is not just the "Take on Me" band. While it was overplayed, they have some really good material, and I actually really like their debut. All of it. Considering it is 31 years old (!!), it holds up pretty well.

The version of the song here is a slightly different version. The strings are more pronounced and have a different interlude than the actual album version. It still works.

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Erik Rubright said...

I kinda like it. Maybe I'll go listen to their discography now.