Sunday, October 23, 2016


Nothing going on here.

We are in Maryland for the weekend. Shep is in the kennel {sad face}. But he seems to be fine there, and it's only for 30 hours or so. Sophie has complete run of the house.

The weather turned was 82 on Tuesday. Yesterday it was in the 30s on the drive here.....and the windshield wipers never ever stopped running.


But we got to see 710's brother and his wife. We got to see 710's dad. All good things.

I'm just sitting at the Holiday Inn Express as I write this and not feeling any smarter. And I have a headache - so much so, that I didn't even touch alcohol at a very mediocre dinner for fear of exascerbating the pain.

Since I got nothing, I'm not going to drag this out. I'm going to take some meds and be in bed before 22:00.   ....except that there seems to be a QuinceaƱera across the hall.

This can only end well for me.

Song by: Tori Amos

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Ur-spo said...

sleep well.