Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Every Time You Leave

I'm not complaining - but movies and date night are somehow a thing of the past.

To date, we've seen 20 movies this year. Impressive for us. But we have yet to step inside a theater since Labour Day weekend.  .....and since we got Shep.

That's why I'm not complaining.

For the last few months, Friday after work has been 'date night'. We got out for dinner...and a drink or two. Mind you, we're still home at a very very reasonable hour, but it was nice to end the work week that way.

Since Shep - food is made at home on Fridays or brought in. We just hang with the dog....and that's ok.

Ditto with movies.

Granted, there has not been much out there that we are in need of seeing, so it's kind of worked out, but as much separation anxiety that we fear Shep has, the reality is, it probably falls more on us.

Our weekends are walks in the 'hood, or at a park, or at a dog park. So far that's been fine.

This last weekend, I had to go pick up my new pair of glasses. Well, my new pair that Shep got a hold of and kind of chewed the lenses. They must have been covered because I didn't pay a cent for them. And 710 needed to go to the Apple store.

At the last minute, he said he'd stay home and just order what he needed on line.

I pseudo-laid my foot down. We were going to leave Shep for 90 minutes and do some errands.

It had to be done.

I know we leave him while at work, but we need our time too. We are constantly doing things separate from each other so the other can be home with him.

What a pampered pooch.

So out we went - and no one died.

This is good. Because while no films are must sees, the Harry Potter spin off and the Star Wars film are out in November and December respectively. And we have lecture tickets at the end of next month.

We just need to take outings more often to get him {read: us} acclimated to comings and goings.

Song by: Emmylou Harris


Travel said...

Shep has you well trained, you keep coming back for walks and food. As long as you keep coming back, he will enjoy his alone time.

anne marie in philly said...

woof says shep and you jump. :)

Bob said...

Anne Marie is killing me with that!

Mark in DE said...

From time to time Spouse will superimpose human thoughts and needs on the dogs and I must remind him that they are very adaptable and will learn to be however we want them to be. What you're going through is quite normal. :-)