Monday, October 31, 2016

My Music Monday

Since it's Halloween, and My Music Monday - with the 'title track' theme - I thought I'd combine to the best of my ability.

I'm going with "Haunted" by Poe.

Poe only had two albums before getting dumped from her label when it was acquired by a larger entity. Oddly enough, she had just gone gold and was opening for Depeche Mode on a national tour.

Her album Haunted was her last and released in 2000.

Parts of the album, and this song, have audio tape recordings of her deceased father, and there are parts of the album that tie into her brother's novel, House of Leaves - which I have mentioned before is one of the most original and strangest books I have ever read. But the house in the book title is also 'haunted', so there is some tie-in.

Haunted is a good album, but not a great one, yet it has some great songs - one being the title track.

Technically, it's not Halloween-centric, but who doesn't like a good haunting on this day?


Fearsome Beard said...

Hallo Happyween!

Erik Rubright said...

I've always loved the Poe songs I've heard. And this one as well. The way her voice fits on top of--for lack of a better word--hauntingly sounding music.