Monday, October 24, 2016

My Music Monday

Title Tracks is the October theme.

I feel fairly vindicated that no matter my selection, it will never be Milli Vanilli (cough cough Erik cough).

I have so many choices, yet so few weeks. This week it is Alison Krauss + Union Station from their third album, So Long So Wrong.

This goes back to 1997, before Jerry Douglas was a band member. Still the band is tight. Truth be told, somehow the song gels for me in an 11 second time frame (2:13 - 2:24). The harmony / blending of vocals gets me every time.

Now it's been 5+ years since Union Station's last disk. They've been gone for far too long.

1 comment:

Erik Rubright said...

You know Milli Vanilli rocked. ;-)