Friday, September 09, 2016

No Questions Asked

Matt Lauer bombed.

Somewhere, Ann Curry is tapping her fingers together and going "excellllent".  Just like C. Montgomery Burns.

And honestly, who could blame her?

Lauer, to me, has mostly been an unlikeable chap.  I get for the 35-ish year old housewife....or Natalie dig his knowledgeable persona with his man-boy looks.

To me, he's like slimy new-car salesmen who'll act anyway you want to get you to take a test drive. Too slick for his own good and no substance to back anything up.

But I think his presidential forum the other night proved he's probably better at the Macy's parade or how to make the perfect arugula salad segments than he is at a tough or unbiased interview.

And by "better", I mean "only suited for".

By my own admission, I did not watch it all. I watched none of it with Il Douche. I just cannot stand to hear that man's voice, let alone what comes out of his mouth. The parts I saw with Hillary, she had to stop him from continually cutting her off and not allowing her to answer. He was hammering away at emails......again with the fucking emails.....and not the presidential stuff.

Allegedly with Il Douche, Lauer is blamed for not fact checking anything. Maybe he did....maybe he didn't. What he didn't do was counter many, or any, things (t)Rump stated.

Part of me gets that.

Who the fuck wants to hear Il Douche start yelling and distracting from pesky questions where answers are expected. It's a journalistic nightmare........if Lauer can be called a "journalist".

Let's face it: he's infotainment.  At best.

So, Matt came across as a 'disaster'. That was an NBC exec's statement. And that exec was nicer than most.

He came across as biased - for (t)Rump - and by all account treated Ryan Lochte harder than he did Donny. I'll take the NYT's word for it, as I didn't see him interview Ryan either.  Yet, last I checked Lochte wasn't running for President.

The "joke" is, that Il Douche said some really stupid fucking things during the segment - that no one is hearing or listening to, because they're all chatting about Lauer's ineptitude.

As much as I was never an Ann Curry fan - you just had to believe she could have done a fuck of a lot better, which is why Lauer probably got rid of her in the first place.

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anne marie in philly said...

tv is for the vapid and uneducated.

Bob said...

"No substance."
That line says everything about Lauer.