Thursday, September 29, 2016


This falls under the nonsense category.

With Shep in our lives, we are are 8 working days in to being home at reasonable hours. Both of us. Together.  Enough so, that we usually take him on his late afternoon walk together as a family - minus Sophie.

But that means normal dinner time - for most of society - and the opportunity to do what most middle Americans do around that hour:  watch Jeopardy.

For this entire week, and maybe part of last, they've had some guy on a huge winning streak. I have to say, I was very very proud of 710, when he goes, "he looks like that character from Kids in the Hall."

I could not stop laughing.

While 710 didn't know the character's name - nor would I ever expected him to - I did:  Gavin.

Like anyone who encounters Gavin and most multiple day winners on Jeopardy, I find this guy annoying as hell.

Yet, the likeness is eerie.

Song by: George Michael


anne marie in philly said...

oh cripes YES! "mom, can I keep him?"

Bob said...

Funny, I was just telling Carlos last night that this is one of the few long-term--at least in days--champions that I DON'T find bothersome.
But there's still time, i thin k.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was trying my best to figure out where I've seen this guy before.