Friday, September 23, 2016

I Saved the World Today

I've already done a Site of the Month a few weeks ago, so I can't technically (by my own laws in my won head) do a second one.

So I can't do Save the Day......technically.

Save the Day is a website that give you up to date information on voter registration by state. It also helps you register to vote.

I don't care the election - voting is important, regardless of the candidate or the issue. Since being allowed to vote, I have missed one election. One. And it was a primary...and not a presidential year either.

But Save the Day has a Josh Whedon directed video on the importance of voting. Since it's Whedon, he's assembled many of his former casts from the Avengers and Firefly...or Dr. Horrible. Or a combination of.

And then you have a few others (Julianne Moore) who - as far as I know - haven't been in a Whedon film. Maybe she was in the Age of I didn't see it.

Robert Downey Jr. looks ok when in motion, but the still of his face is, well, a little scary.

Nothing here is new or original. If you've seen one Rock the Vote videos, you've seen them all.

Well, that's not true. Rock the Vote was pretty much non-partisan. Save the Day is not.

I've said it before, I hate one candidate but I'm not thrilled about the other. Still, if Mark Ruffalo is going to show his peen in his next movie if Clinton wins, then well, she might just secure my vote.

P.S.   Don't go to YouTube and read the comments.

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Ur-spo said...

One should never read the comments on sites like Youtube.
I hate that people can leave anonymous comments.