Monday, September 05, 2016

My Music Monday

Since Erik is drinking it up in New Orleans this last month week, he asked to keep the same theme as August - numbers - as he seemingly liked it so much.

Fine. I'm flexible.

I know it was really he was too drunk lazy to come up with a new theme, so I'll let him pretend that he liked the theme so much he had to extend it.

Whatever works.

Today we are working in the thousands. Annie Lennox and her "a Thousand Beautiful Things" from her 2003 disk, Bare.

Oddly, for such a visual artist, and that the song was the lead single from that disk, there is no official video. Nothing on her site, nothing on YouTube.

There is this embedded live version, which actually might be as good, if not better than the studio version. I love when a musician performs live and they show they're no studio created artist.


Ur-spo said...

This separates the sheep from the goats; how well do they sing live. Good for Miss Annie!

Erik Rubright said...

I definitely like the live version better. Wow.

And it's 11 days later and I'm still detoxing. I think. That, or my liver finally called it quits.