Monday, September 08, 2014

My Music Monday

Is there a better reason to have a My Music Monday selection other than said song has been stuck playing in your head for over a week?

I can't think of one.

When I was in Columbus last Saturday, I have Meredity some new music. The disk didn't quite burn correctly, but this week's selection, the Both's "Volunteers of America" was one of the tracks.

I reviewed their full album a few months ago and some of the songs have grown on me more and more. "VoA" was good from the start, but I've been really digging it these last few weeks....mostly the chorus.

I know radio is such that if you haven't had a Disney show or somehow affiliated with Usher or the Beibs, you can't get played, but this song straddles the line between rock and pop

Apparently, there is an official video of it too. I'm not 100% sure why Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles is in it. And by that I mean, I'm 100% unsure as to why. She doesn't play on the song, or have any writing credits. She doesn't add anything (or take anything away) to the video, so go figure.

Once again, Aimee Mann does not quite look comfortable in front of the camera, but recording artists aren't necessarily meant to be video ones.

Still, it's a fun song. Or at least a fun-sounding song.

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