Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Party Time

Saturday, I ventured down to Columbus, while 710 stayed home with the kids.

Friends, George and Morty, had a non-annual house party. As often as I've spent time with these guys, I've never attended this shindig and wasn't sure I was going to this one.

710 encouraged me to go, thinking that with recent events, me going would be good for me.

If nothing else, it gave me a few hours to release some tension.

I'm pretty good in social situations where there are lots of folks, though I don't know many of them. But here, I could count on one hand (well, maybe one and a half) how many people with which I'd be familiar.

I "surprised" Georty, since I didn't actually tell them I was coming down. Mort had his suspicions since I ignored a text from the night before as to if I'd be attending.

Even being 20 minutes fashionably late, I was still one of the first folks there. I was hoping to sneak into the crowd and have Georty just stumble upon me. No such luck.

Until Meredity arrived (finally!), I was the second oldest (not in age!) friend of Morty's there. A high school friend of his was there as well. If I'm remembering correctly, it was he and his wife who brought a six pack of Schlitz. Apparently, we time-traveled back to 1978 to pick that up.

Still I met some of their newer neighbors and some of Mort's Ironman peeps, who eventually identified me as the go-between who inadvertently pimped-out Torn and Serge as tour guides to Montreal.

This woman, Robin, figured that out and goes....."but Morty called you by another name....what was it...what was it..........?".  I rolled my eyes, took a swing of beer and go, "Blobby?"

"YES, that's it."

Oh Meredity loved that.

Speaking of, Meredity didn't drink.......at all.  I may have made up for her. Honestly, I did not have a lot - at least for the "old me". For the "current me", I had a bit to drink.

I'm glad I made the trip. It was a good outlet for me. It was good to see friends. And I even got to have b'fast with Georty the next day, which was great.

Oh, and I got to see their Beags......and that's always fun.

Song by: Moby

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Morty said...

We had over 80 attendees. It would've been possible to not even see you if you played it right. SO glad you made it.