Monday, September 29, 2014

My Music Monday

Annie Lennox has a new disk coming out next month.


I had heard rumours of her releasing something new, but I didn't know it would be yet another album of covers.

Mind you, Medusa, was something of more current-times covers (Paul Simon, the Clash, etc), but Nostalgia will be just that - more of standards.

I will give this to Lennox, she's not doing the same old Rod Steward, Tony Bennett, et al, who only seemingly do Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Henry Mancini stuff, where the same 22 songs have been done over and over and over and over and over......

At least Annie has taken songs you don't normally hear in that context, though I'm not sure the world needs yet another cover of "Summertime" or "Georgia on my Mind".

All that said, I will probably wait to borrow this from the liberry, as opposed to buying it. While she has a great voice, I prefer her original music. Since she puts so little of that out, I was a tad bit disappointed when I found out Nostalgia would be works of other artists.

Out of six solo works, two will now be covers and one holiday album. That leaves only three original disks in 22 years.

Still, I will shill for her a little bit, as I do like true talent, such as hers, to succeed. The first release off her Nostalgia record is "I Put a Spell on You", originally done by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

And yes, in theory it has been covered a lot by other artists - just not ones that sell lots of standard records (Steward, Bennett, Ronstadt, etc). You know, like Bryan Ferry, Marilyn Manson (!) , Joe Cocker, Queen Latifah and She & Him.

I've heard none of those versions.


Bob said...

I'll get this because I love anything Lennox does, old or new .... unless she's doing it with Stewart or Bennett.

Erik Rubright said...

I think I prefer the Marilyn Manson cover still to this day.