Monday, September 15, 2014

My Music Monday

It's another one of those My Music Monday's where I had not mapped out a song. But to be fair to me, it's just been one of those weeks. I've been surviving day to day.

I'll get back on track. No worries.

So, I did the iTunes shuffle of 10 songs and you get what is #10. Let me tell you, if I did just nine, we'd all be, like, "uggggh".  That's all you need to know.

So you get Louden Wainwright III' s "White Winos".

Yes, Wainwright is Rufus' father. To hear Rufus tell it, depending on which interview you read, he loves his father or hates him....or blames him for this or that. Welcome to childhood Rufus.

The elder Wainwright has been a recording artist for decades - mostly folk music. He was married to one of the McGarrigle sisters and one of the Roches. ...and a few other times, I believe. That's just FYI - not an indictment.

He's also an actor and appeared in a Judd Aptaow movie or two and a few episodes of Parks and Recreation.

Rufus also recorded a version of one of his father's songs, "One Man Guy", and it is possibly the best thing Rufus has committed to "tape".

But I've always been a fan of "White Winos". It's a simple three minutes. Vocal, acoustic guitar and a few strings. That's it.

Louden has a good voice and good picking style. He's probably under appreciated.

Louden Wainwright III - White Winos

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