Sunday, September 28, 2014


While we might not have had a grand Summer, Autumn has been pretty spectacular.

Mind you, we're only six days into it, but there has rarely been a cloud in the sky. The temps have been in the upper 70s. Humidity has been low low low.

Considering our shitty Winter last year (and well, earlier this year) and our predicted worse Winter this upcoming year - I will savour every single day.

....and.....and (!!), it's supposed to be this way until at least next Friday!!!!

While my cousin has taken pictures of his leaves changing, even though he's 20 minutes away, he must live in a different "zone". The only true ones that have turned here are part of our Burning Bushes.

The reds, what there are of them, are a glorious colour.  Oh yes, I said "glorious".

But as I cut the lawn yesterday, all I could think about was that soon I'd be out there with the gas-powered leaf blower and not the lawn mower.

That depressed me just a bit.

Ok, maybe more than a bit.

As it is, today is our last day of 2014 for rooftop yoga. Another signal to the end of good weather. But I get it, they can't schedule it for every Sunday in October. As we get closer to the end of next month, we could have snow.

Ok. Now I'm really depressed.

Song by: the B-52's


Morty said...

We were amazed at how much more the leaves had changed in Akron vs. Cbus. And yes, it has been a glorious autumn.

Ur-spo said...

Time to move to a sunnier clime.
Meanwhile, a hot autumn drink should suffice.