Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Shopping with Blobby

Technically it is Shopping with Jeremy. I fault him for this one.

Let's start off with almost every Saturday when David and I go to yoga in Beachwood Place, there is a line at Foot Locker for people waiting to buy the "new" shoe, whether it be an Air Jordan or a LeBron shoe......or any of the hundreds of WNBA stars.

It got to the point that security was doubled to watch the youths, but I'm always stuck on the guys walking out with 2-3 pairs. I mean, these things cost $200 or so per pair. And a new shoe is released almost weekly.

WHO has this kind of disposable income? And better yet, who has this kind of storage for all these shoes?

Anyways....back to Jeremy.

He sends me a messenger thingy via Facebook a few weeks back to ask me how my dad is doing ("still dead", I say) as he was a little behind in the news regarding that piece of info.

Anyhoo, we are chatting about this and that and mostly about his new, (hopefully) soon to be ex-boyfriend. Jeremy could make better choices, but he picked a guy who isn't horribly sensitive to his needs and feeling and smokes - and Jeremy hates smokers....so I don't get it, except for the fact that he gets lonely.

During the chat, he sends me this link.

Converse All Star Hi Tops with Wonder Women on them.    .....and they're for women.

But alas, these are not for Jeremy. They are a make-up present for his bf. Seriously. Since his bf was rude and nasty to him, Jeremy is buying them for the bf.  

Oh to be "young" and in "love". 

I love Jeremy to death, but I just don't get it.  

Oh, and he had to search different states to find them.....finally being successful......in New Jersey. 

Oh....and in size 14..........in a women's shoe size. I guess 14 women's equates to size 10? in asshole. 

I should mention that clicking on that ad then populated all those sidebar ads with this shoe. Damn cookies.  mmmmm.....cookies. 

Still - aren't these kind of shoes that you own but never wear?  That one might display, if one might display shoes?  And considering what Air Jordans cost, $60 is a steal. 

I did sent the link to my friend, Gina. She loves Wonder Woman.  ....and she's not from Paradise Island....if you get my drift. 


anne marie in philly said...

remember when we had plain keds and chuck taylors? and they didn't cost 2 weeks grocery money? yeah.

jeremy is an idiot; he needs to dump that skanky BF and find someone respectable.

Fearsome Beard said...

I'd so buy these if they were in men's sizes. Damn! Don't they know what the market for Wonder Woman shoes is? Are they crazy? Damn...want, want, want...