Monday, September 22, 2014

My Music Monday

Autumn beings today at 22:29 EDT.

It's not quite unwelcome, as I think Autumn is my favourite season. Yes, it signals Winter, but this is Northeast Ohio - everything signals Winter.

Summer wasn't much of anything. Plenty of rain, though other years lately have seen much more. Temps have been very mild for the most part, and we had enough days in July and August that had us pulling out the comforter.

That's not what you quite want for Summer.

Appropriately enough, today's song title is "Summer Moved On" by, yes, a-ha.

Long time readers of this blog-thingy will know I don't cast dispersions on a-ha. If you can overlook "Take On Me" (and I try to), they have some decent work - though nothing that is groundbreaking, but a lot more folks have gotten into the Rock Hall for a lot less.

a-ha did their 30th anniversary concert tour a while back and I think that was it for them.

I've opted for a live version of the song because it shows they're not quite just studio guys. They might not be heavyweights, but it's not all created for recording.

Granted, the studio version isn't that much different, but in the live version you get the flaws and that is actually ok.  Even this version is from '98, but it is the version I have.

There are better live versions in terms of video out there, but the arrangement of the song differs slightly, or enough for me to still stick with this one.

Hope you had a good Summer.

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