Monday, September 01, 2014

My Music Monday

We are pushing the end of Summer.

For some, Labor Day signals the end of the season. I'm a purist and will take it out a few more weeks.

Anything I can do to delay the inevitable snow fall, I'll use.

I have seemingly few songs with 'labor' in them (i.e. one). A few with 'work' in them. And not as many with 'summer' in them as one might think.

And I'm betting no one wants to hear the Bangles sing "September Gurls" or Lindsey Buckingham sing "September Song". I don't.

So I went back to 'summer'.

This year wasn't cruel, so no Bananarama. So I'm just going with what is arguably Springsteen's last good song.

I have not been a fan of many of his releases since the Rising. But a few years ago, he let out this little number, "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" from his album, Magic.

Not stellar, but singable. Very pop. And that's saying something at least for Bruce.

Clearly it is not summer during the video shoot. You can see his breath and the Jersey seaboard looks downright chilly. Guess he doesn't have enough pull to shut down the boardwalk when he wants to film something during high season.

Springsteen is great when he's good. But when he's not, I can easily leave him behind. If I never hear "Born in the U.S.A." again, it will be too soon. Still I like some of his stuff, including this one.

The one thing to irk me though - his working man persona. I have a hard time not rolling my eyes when he sings "things been a little tight.....but I know they're gonna go my way."

I guess he can't scrape by on the $300MM he's allegedly worth. seems I'm not favorably setting-up this song.  Oh well. I'm too lazy to find another.

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