Friday, July 27, 2012


When I was in Boston and had dinner with Magic Mike (what?  he said that's what "they" call him.  no one else was there to prove I win).

Anyways, after my post regarding our meet-up and our poorly lit picture, he replies with this:  I did grab a couple of extra photos on my phone…I’ll send you one that I think is much more life-like and complimentary if you feel like posting.

Oh - I feel like posting.

He must have the iPhone4S. My crappy 4 completely missed these nuances.

Oh - also his head is ginormous! ....and not just in that 'he's full of himself' way, but he's got that going on too. 

On the other hand, this plays into my response to a neighbor's question of 'if you could eat only one thing every day, what would it be?

Without hesitation, I go 'Ryan Gosling'. 

That threw them, as it naturally would/should. 

Now my response just takes on a whole new angle that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. 

Song by: Depeche Mode

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Ur-spo said...

I think you are the more handsome of the two fellows.