Monday, July 16, 2012

My Music Monday

Chris Isaak has a lot of good music. He also has a lot of fair music.  Good looks can only get you so far - trust me, I know!

The obvious choice to show off his beauty would have to embed "Wicked Game", as Herb Ritts surely knew how to photograph Isaak. ...and it's still a good song 23 years later.  Somehow I've always been more partial to the first release off of that album, "Don't Make Me Dream About You".  He was sexier in that video.

But as I said, Isaak has good stuff, just interspersed over the years and even in certain albums.

That is why I'm included a little known single, "We Let Her Down" from his 2009 release Mr. Lucky. It's got a great tune and I like the lyrics, which flow nicely.  However, if you listen to them, it's a bit depressing. If the girl hasn't killed herself, then she's one lonely lonely gal.

It's hard to tell if this is a post-suicide tale or not. There are one or two current tenses, but the rest are past tense. And while I'm sure just a story and not auto-biographical, even in story form, Isask absolves himself of wrong-doing in the last line 'where they'll never hurt her again'.  

Still the style is classic Isaak. And 30 years into his recording career, he looks no worse the wear, though the video seems to have more vaseline on the lens than any camera Cybil Shepard has seen lately.

Since this is a Warner Music Group video there is only a 50/50 chance it will actually play embedded below. If it does not, you can just follow this link to YouTube for the video.

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