Monday, July 23, 2012

My Music Monday

While I mentioned a day or two ago about some of "you people" (yes, I just went Ann Romney on your asses!), are sometimes less than thrilled with my selections for My Music Monday, I'm not sure what to do about that. 

Some (coughcoughDavidcoughcough) don't like if it's too country or folk or female. Some (coughcoughMikecoughcough) think my selections are too obscure. And some (coughcoughDavidGcoughcough) think I'm coasting if I do something too commercial or too '80s.

It's a no-win situation of course.

Oddly, since I have lived with most of this music for years or decades, it is not obscure to me. Do I recognize my selections can be out of the mainstream? Sure.  Do I look to expose you to it - even if you don't end up liking it?  Yup. It's a fine line.

So Mike "offered" to write a guest spot for MMM and I accepted.  Now Torn (another pseudo-defunct blogger) has wondered why I don't want him to write an entry as well. Everyone is so touchy when not included - life is just an extension of high school!

All I can say is:  bring it, boys!

But can it still be MY Music Monday, if it's not my music??  Slippery slope indeed. But I'm open to this idea. And I don't mean just these two, but I'd certainly consider opening the floodgates, per se.  This could go to hurt feelings if people insisted on Tony Orlando & Dawn (which I totally have a story about regarding my friend Jeremy - remind me later for that) or the DeFranco Family (featuring Tony DeFranco)  (oh yes, they have a website!) or, ugh g-d forbid, Jay Ferguson.

Obviously, email me your entry - and not just a song title. There has to be background text, people...and a video link if one exists. And if not, you have to email me the .mp3 so I can add and link it to a player.

Yeah, it's harder than it looks, betcha didn't count on that one, didya??

But if you all come through, it saves me having to write a few blog posts myself.  Win-Win!

That said, we're on to today's selection, so I'm sure I'll annoy someone. {sigh}

Female (ticking off David J) and '80's (irking David G), it's too birds with one stone - BONUS! - I'm picking Alison Moyet's "Love Resurrection", taken from her 1984 solo debut, Alf. No, not the puppet alien TV show. 

Moyet had been a member of Yaz(oo)* and I had come out during some of their bigger hits - "Situation", "Don't Go", "Nobody's Diary", etc.  But the group split and Vince Clarke went on to form Erasure, which had vocalist Andy Bell  - who at times, sounded so eerily like Moyet, it was strange. 

Moyet went onto solo work, and Alf had her biggest hit, "Invisible".  I like and liked "Love Resurrection" better. I even liked "Honey for the Bees" better, but when I sampled it recently, the music portion of it sounds so Bananarama - and not the good Bananarama. 

Poor Alison didn't fit the mold of video television and was always draped in something to cover her figure. It's a sad statement.

She's still recording - or was back a few years ago -  and still puts out decent music, you're just not hearing it anywhere in the U.S.

*the group started as Yazoo in the U.K. and shortened to Yaz for U.S. releases. 


Anonymous said...

It does sound like Erasure. I think that is Bin Laden in the video around the campfire. Who you calling judgmental?

Erik Rubright said...

Ho Lee Krapp! I never realized how much Andy Bell sounded like her until you mentioned it.

I was a fan of Yaz, mostly the "Upstairs at Eric's" album [go figure], and that was probably because of "Don't Go".

I didn't realize she had done any solo work. Thanks for that tip. I'll have to go look her up in iTunes.

Jonny said...

You should check out some recent You Tube vids of her performing live. She looks FAB...her tribute to Kirsty Macoll with Head and Walking Down Madison and then Slave to the Rhythm..amazing voice.