Saturday, October 22, 2011

Narrow Daylight

I am late getting going this morning. There's no good reason for this - just laziness.

It has been a busy few days at work, and a number more to come my way in the next week.  Travel.  Always with the travel.

Maybe I'll get to miss some bad weather in Cleveland this week.  I'll be in California.  Or as 710 says, frolicking on the beaches.  Yes, because that's what I do on these work trips  Building sandcastles in the sand.

I will get to miss the on-going construction down the hill from that collapsed retaining wall.  Yes, 8 months after the fact, they have begun fixing it.  Unfortunately, when there isn't three lanes of traffic going into one - and all of the honking to go with it  - there is the din of the electronic "SLOW' sign, or the one with directional arrows telling you to get over.  That doesn't really lull me to sleep at night.

Even though we are a on a 'feeder' street to that road, ODOT was nice enough to plant a 10' sign in our yard.  Sure you see little flags for the utilities but trust me, they were not there before they buried that stake in our lawn.

The sign is a little misleading - in my opinion.  Our road doesn't narrow. But the sign doesn't tell you that a road does, it is just that you have to take a right and go 300 feet before it narrows.

Since I work from home now, when I'm actually at home, I don't go past the site to see how progress is coming along.  I mean, on the way to the airport, it is 04:30, so it's a tad bit dark to see what's going on there - and of course, my eyes are firmly on the road and my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.

Hopefully they'll be able to wrap it up soon so the traffic flows and we get the sign out of our yard.  I'm a little surprised with all our rain, there has not been more collapse of the hill.  Maybe it has - I just have not been down the 300 feet to see it all.

Song by:  Diana Krall


Cubby said...

Post some beach pics.

cb said...

I hope you frolic for me while you are out there. ;-)