Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Orange Crush

After a full month off the road, I'm back on it starting today.

I am headed to Orange County, California.  Land of those housewives who have their own show that I've never seen. I hear it is the land of republicans too - so that should bode well for me!  

Last time to save the company some money, I flew into LAX and drove the 51 miles.  That was great until I had to go back to L.A.  If you remember that same drive took me three hours.

As much as I'd like to see some friends in Los Angeles, I'm not doing that this time. I am flying directly to John Wayne Gacy International Airport.   The "international" comes from that a plane from there once had to make an emergency landing in Cabo San Lucas.

I won't be there long. Just a day.  If that.  Then I'm back on a plane and back to Idaho.  As it stands, it looks like I might be taking the shitty Ohio weather with me.  I believe that the OC might only be in the 50s....as a high.  Where's the sun?  Where's the surf?   Gidget and the Beach Boys sold us a bill of goods, if you ask me.

Idaho, which was in the 90s last Friday will be down to the 60s or 50s as well.   ...and rain.  Ironically, Ohio is supposed to get nice once I leave.  No doubt it has something to do with my sunny disposition.

....maybe I should apply for Andy Rooney's position after all.

Don't look for profound posts - not that you ever get them in the first place.  It is a week of thoughtless posts....unless something really cool happens to me.  I guess you should check back, just in case.

oh, and in the image, you get your clown reference of the week.

Song by:  R.E.M. 


Unknown said...

We came in to Burbank a while back. We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel in Anaheim. It was a very bad idea. We took the Amtrack on the way back, and paid a tenth of what the taxi cost. It almost seems impractical to have a car in LA.

Ur-spo said...

no Andy Rooney work please; I like you just where you are, writing this blog !