Monday, October 17, 2011

My Music Monday

I've been taken to task by a few people (David G., Sal....yes, I'm naming names) regarding my music choices and that they might not be current enough. But what is current?  It is relative, no?

If you're looking for me to feature something that is current on the radio, you'll may as well play the lotto. Not only do I rarely listen to current radio, it is rarer to find most anything that I want to hear there. But never say never.

Today's selection, Paramore's "crushcrushcrush" isn't current, but it's not '80s either. 2007, I believe.

I don't know Paramore that much. They had a fairly big radio hit last year (?) with "The Only Exception" - probably made more popular by its cover on Glee. To me, it was a blatant attempt at MOR radio and to gain exposure, which it got.

And like so many other bands who hit that popular trend, they shed band members as if they were nothing. Think Evenesance or Panic! at the Disco. All these bands figured they'd be better off and then sunk into oblivion. Sure they put out music, and might even get some attention, but their multiplatinum success is gone and their presence sinks faster than a stone.  Paramore's fate with this change has yet to be decided.

But that all being said, I do like "crushcrushcrush".  It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.  I mean, I suppose.  If I ever danced outside my kitchen when I'm cooking.  Melodic and still a little harder edged, but certainly nothing more than hard edged pop.

So, I'm not hip with anything too new, but no one has ever mistaken me for being hip.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for Paramore and Hailey. I know she had a very average singing voice and worked very hard to improve it – which she did. I liked that album a lot – IMO it’s a bright spot in modern pop.

But yes the band has split. Two of the guys supposedly never wanted to play that type of music so they are off to create funky soul group (never to be heard from again is probably right). And Paramore IS Hailey. She is the face and every tangible aspect of that band. The inside report is the band actually split because of a love triangle between Hailey and two of the members. So typical – so sad.

BTW – Not a big Twilight fan but the song they did for it was really pretty.

david g said...

Speaking of naming s the strangest.coincidence that Andy Rooney also does not listen to current music and also uses the word "hip." Freaky!