Monday, October 24, 2011

My Music Monday

Come 2012, I might have to give up My Music Monday. I don't think anyone but me is into it.

Dr. Spo liked one entry, but except for "anonymous", no one really ever makes any comment. I'm not even sure anyone actually plays the music selections. But I'm in it for 2011, so you have about 10 more to go. Deal with it.

This week I'm going back to 1981-82. While probably released in 1981, it hit radio in Spring of '82. I remember being drunk and out on the lawn of my fraternity and hearing it.  Yes, it was the middle of the day.  Don't judge.

Thomas Dolby had already racked up one hit with "She Blinded Me with Science".  I was not a fan.  At least of that song.

For one song, he changed my mind, the follow-up single "One of our Submarines".  I think he only had one other "hit" with "Hyperactive" and I went back to not being a fan.

Still, years decades later, when it comes on my iPod, because it's not really coming on the radio anymore, I still listen to - and not skip through - "One of our Submarines".   It just has a good flow, a more unique one, than most songs.  While I don't believe there is a true chorus, the seemingly logical one just grabs my attention even to this day.

David G says I play too much '80s music here, but it's my old stand-by and my comfort zone.  But admittedly, when I saw him in Vegas, he mentioned that lately I had some good selections.  That is high praise from him.  I'll take it.


Cubby said...

Sorry Blobby, I never know what to say so I don't comment. Your taste in music is so sophisticated compared to mine. I pretty much like everything equally as long as there is no steel guitar or rap or harpsichord. Any of those things kill it for me.

Erik Rubright said...

Oddly enough, I always thought this was a Peter Gabriel song for some reason. Weird.

Please don't give up "My Music Monday"! You post some good stuffs here. I'll just make sure to comment on them more often, if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Comment added for posterity. Seriously though – good blog.

I like both songs. Always loved the verse “she blinded me with science and hit me with technology”

SO true - especially these days.