Saturday, October 15, 2011

All the Wine

I could post blog, but in reality, I'm a little drunk.

I'm blogging real-time drunk.   Shocked!  Yes, I know you are.

There is a good reason to be drunk - I mean, isn't there always?  I might have had a good reason.  I might have purposefully had Denton drive last night so I could have a designated driver.

I'm a little disappointed that the bartender had to repeatedly axe me what I was drinking.  Seriously, shouldn't he have known after round three?  It's not like there were that many people at the event too.

I'll blog more about it later, but it's late - and it is possible I have had a bit to drink.

But that's no big shock.  Right?

Song by:  the National


Raybeard said...

I do hope your headache is/will be bearable. :-)

Erik Rubright said...

Yea for drunk blogging!

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for drinking AND writing AND having the sense to appoint a designated driver.

Greg said...

I wonder what you're drunk texting....

wcs said...

BWI... at least it's not illegal. :)