Tuesday, October 11, 2011

App of the Month

The iPhone 4S is probably a fine device.  I could always use a better camera or a faster processor.

I'm not sold that I need Siri.  Sure it would be nice to know what a good Vietnamese restaurant is nearby and do it by voice command.

But there is already a good voice command / recognition program out there:  Vlingo.

Unlike Dragon Dictation, it is clearer and easier to use.  It also does not translate Denton's name and change it into '710'.   That is a downside, as now all of the group calls him 710.

But Vlingo does a Press & Speak thing that lets you dial a phone number, send an email or text message - orally.

When tested the other day,  it was about 90% accurate.  Yeah, you might have to say last name if you know more than one 'Blobby'.   As if you know more than one!

Still 710 sent me emails, called my phone and sent me a text.   And this is the best feature:

A profanity filter!!!!!   Why the fuck would I ever turn this on???

But 710 did test with it, and it worked perfectly - if you're so delicate in your language.

So, "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks" is apparently now a "profanity".   Go figure.  Next is 'egads' or 'drat'!!! The 1700s has returned!

The big draw, of course, is it is free.  You know me, cheap as they come.  I've never used the Dragon Dictation, so I think I'll be deleting that.  I don't need it.

I wasn't really in the market to upgrade my iPhone and now I certainly don't need to for Siri.  This will do just fine.


Birdie said...

This is very cool, but what on earth was 710 replying to?

Erik Rubright said...

I have Vlingo, and think I've used it maybe one time. I'd rather just type. I'm not sure if that makes me lazy or not.

I'd really like the 4S, but for the camera. Compared to my 3GS, it's way better. But I'll just wait until this poor iPhone can't take an iOS update anymore.

D said...

I love Vlingo.... it works great and is particularly useful when driving and eating a happy meal while crocheting all at the same time... not that I do that (much). What's nice too, is that you can say 'search wreckless driver' and it will pull the search engine right up and give you options. Same for 'email'. I highly recommend it. Best $9 I ever spent

Anonymous said...

Can it translate Klingon?

Anonymous said...

710 in Klingon means Stud.

rebecca said...

Oooh I can't wait! Although I love what Dragon did to my surgeon's name, Dr. Heisecke: "Dr. Hi Sexy"

Ur-spo said...

I appreciate your app of the month postings.
I will try this this weekend.