Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Charlotte Sometimes

One thing about work travel is, that every now and again, you get to meet up with people from your past.  This can be good or bad.

Generally, if I want to be left alone, I make sure I get left alone.  But now and again, when you're on the road forever, you just don't want one more meal alone or eating it from curbside pick-up back in your hotel room.

Thanks to one of my FB posts, a guy I knew found out I was in the OC.  We had dinner last night.  It was ok. Japanese Curry. Katsu.  Never heard of it before. It wasn't horribly spicy. More sweet than spicy.  So-so.

Anyhoo, Dan and I used to "see each other" years and years and years ago......and apparently pounds and pounds and pounds ago too.  My inner-Edna Turanblat kept saying all night: "Big As A HOUSE!". 

Dan was always a beefier guy, but not like this.  Now it is more like kind of a massive-coronary-waiting-to-happen / can't find shirts big enough to tuck in, kind of thing. What you can't see in this pic is that he is really like 3-4" taller than myself.  He's a big guy - in every way.  Well, not in every way.

It wasn't necessarily a good or healthy relationship. While he was nice and my friends liked him, he was a little psycho. Or at least that is my take on it.. Anyways, he got his Ph.D. and headed to Cal-a-forn-eye-ay. Yes, psychos can get doctorates. It's true.

Before that though, he turned me onto the Cure. I knew of them, of course, but as we hung out at his apartment, I heard "Charlotte Sometimes" for the first time and loved it.  Still do.

We got along last night, but we didn't really talk about much.  His work.  My work.  His gaybie.  Yes, he and his partner adopted.  It was an interesting story of procedure, but I wasn't really invested. in it. I hadn't seen this guy for 20+ years.

Don't get me wrong, Dan was nice and all, I just don't know how often I'd repeat this, even when stuck in town by my lonesome. 

I also don't discount I was having an off-night to a fairly bad workday.

Song by:  the Cure


Unknown said...

It's good to see exes sometimes. It gives one some perspective.

brian said...

Hooray for Blobby!
An oasis of civility in an ocean of travel.
Ton Katsu is a favorite for me, but Katsu don got me through the leaner years.
Just can not locate the 'Calpis' drink that went with it.