Saturday, October 08, 2011

Absolutely Barking Stars

Yesterday was a long long long travel day.  Boise to Denver to St. Louis to home.   ....and I haven't been in the St. Louis airport since TWA existed.  They haven't renovated anything since that time and I'm not 100% sure they've cleaned either.  It is one step above a Greyhound station.

One working men's room in Terminal A.  I felt like a girl at any rock concert waiting in line to evacuate.

But between flights, I was looking at FB on my iPhone and saw John's (from I Got Somethin' to Say) video posted of his dog Scooter.  I was sitting at gate A14 just laughing and laughing.  People around me I am sure thought I was strange - and they wouldn't be wrong, but not because of this.

We all know I'm a sucker for doggies, even though (or especially because?) I don't have one myself.  I love Torn's Georgie, but on equal pawing, Scooter is right there.

Poor Scooter was forced a few years back to dress up for Halloween in a skeleton outfit - and now his owners are torturing him again.....but in a slightly different way.

I hope John doesn't mind me lifting the video for my own blog.  I don't mean to be stealing the video or his potential thunder if he blogs it.  I'm just sharing cuteness and humor.

...and c'mon, isn't he just so frickin' cute?  I love his little brown marking.

I like how there is no 'eye' contact and that as upset as Scooter seems, his tail wags.

Song by:  Maria McKee


Ur-spo said...

oh dear!
I haven't thought of the term "barking mad' in a while, so it made me smile.

Birdie said...

My Sophie has the same sideways pause when she's shaking the heck out of one of her toys. What a hoot!

Cubby said...

Scooter is beyond cute :-)