Friday, October 07, 2011

Precious and Few

Because I have nothing but work to talk about - and who wants to hear about that? - I only have an image to post up here.  ....and it's not even mine.

....but it made me laugh and laugh and laugh................then laugh a little more.

Song by:  Climax


Cubby said...

It's love at first sight.

rebecca said...

OMG -- rorrrrr!!!!

brian said...

How could Dobie and Precious be wrong?

anne marie in philly said...


Erik Rubright said...

"But, the fat hobbit. (s)He knows. Eyes always watching."

Matt in Columbus said...

This made me spit coffee out my nose. ROFLMAO.

As my husband said when I showed him this:

"I don't want to see him slip THAT ring on his finger, but if he does, I bet he still disappears"