Sunday, May 01, 2011

Falling Down

April 2011 has been our wettest April on record, beating the one set 50 years ago.

The yard is a swamp, but you know, it hasn't stopped the grass from growing and more rain is scheduled over the next week.  Yesterday was the only possible day to try to cut the lawn.  It wasn't pretty.   Still wet.  Very muddy.  And are newly serviced mower lost its power driven wheels (or whatever you call it) 3/4 of the way through the job.  It became a full-on push mower for the last quarter of the cut.  I suppose it is a good thing I work out.

But the other thing the rain has done is made the hillside, on the street where we live, collapse.

Granted, it is not happening in our yard, and exists a few houses down, but still it ain't purdy.

Now, it was just the rain that caused this.  Time and probably an inferior root system didn't help matters.  So now days later, the city is needing to take down some trees and wanting to assess the neighbors.  Not us, since it is not our property.

Obviously, we walked down to check it out and take pictures.

....and as we walked past our yard, you know the hill with all the accidents, I came across this:

A bumper and part of a front of yet another vehicle.  ...and a bunch of other parts up the hillside.

Crazy.  I'd say 'how did I miss this one', but we both have jobs and cannot be on car crash duty all day long, every day.  I suppose we'll have to go and clear this shit up too.  There's a niche business out there from someone who wants to clean wrecked auto parts out of people's yards.

I'd do it myself, but it would just look like some kind of money laundering scheme.

Song by:  Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt


Cubby said...

Oh what a mess. But look at the sidewalk. That looks like it is only a year old. I wonder if they screwed up the wall when they replaced the sidewalk.

Ur-spo said...

Your 'new profession' sounds a bit ghoulish, so I would stick to the day job.
I wish I had some of your rain; it is dry as a bone here. A good rain would wash away all the nasty mesquite pollen.

A Lewis said...

Looks like around here.....3rd wettest March and 5th wettest April on record. Today, finally, for the first time this year....we may hit 70. I can't wait!

Erik Rubright said...

Y'all should install an outdoor camera to record all the exciting events of Crashville. Then upload the good ones to YouTube with a funny Benny Hill soundtrack.

david said...

Perhaps you should start composting all those car parts. I love the sidewalk closed as if you could do anythings there but play leap frog.