Thursday, May 05, 2011

No Title. No Real Post.

I fully cop to this:  It's been a long hard week (that's what she said).

I'm not at home.  I"m on the road. Days starting at 07:00 and offiically ending at 21:00.  ...and then there is the unoffiical end time of 23:00. 


I was down at the hotel bar and thought, "hmmmmm....did I draft anything in advance for my blog?"   ...and here it is, 23:30 and I check and nothing.  I had nothing. you get nothing.

I gotta take something to ward off my hangover.  I have a 45 minute presentation tomorrow.  It ain't gonna be pretty.  I can only hope that the others drinking with me tonight have to go first.

1 comment:

Dith said...

Blobby. Hard-drinkin', road warrior salesman. Here's to going 2nd to last.