Tuesday, May 17, 2011

App of the Month

Hell, I am going to try something out for a bit - we'll see if it works or is interesting to anyone.  iPhone App of the Month.

In general I don't download a lot of apps for the iPhone and many of them that I do have, I don't actually use.  Not that this will stop me from finding 12 apps per year that might seem interesting - and even if they're duds, so what?  You'll know not to get them.

I suppose a big caveat is that most, if not all, of them will be free.  I'm pretty much a cheap-ass.  On the off chance that there is one I put a crowbar in my wallet for, I'm assuming it will be a kick-ass one, or a game for longer plane rides.

Today?  Photosynth.

Yes, it's a Microsoft program in an Apple world.  CRAZY!

What it does is let you hold your phone/camera and it will take multiple photos to create a panoramic image.

I will be the first to admit, I downloaded the app because I wanted to try it out, but I didn't sign-up for an account.  It's the beauty of the iPhone - you can still save your images if you want and not have them go to a repository somewhere.

This was my first attempt.  Panera at lunch time with Meredity and Denton.  Don't ask me what went wrong, but Denton has seemed to dodge that BlobbysBlog bullet of infamy.   Him and his disembodied head.   However, I thought it looked cool as hell, so I didn't try to retake the pic. Click on it to make it larger.  Yes, that's what she said.

Of course you get my finger in the way of Ditto's head, but you get like an extra half of her as well, since she was caught almost two times.

The program allows it to learn where the first pic ended so when you move the device, it pics up  where it left off.  I don't think the issues in the picture above generated from the app, but from the user.  Me.

I'll play around with it.  Who knows, maybe my next 12 of 12 will all be taken this way.  It'll be a niche month.  We'll see.

I do not know if this app is available for any other device than the iPhone.  I did zero research on if it is for Droid or any other smart phone.

Still it is fun to play with.   Check it out.


don said...

Camera+ and Color Splash are my two fave iPhone apps at the moment. I am having a lot of fun with them!

Birdie said...

My iPhone is one week old. I look forward to seeing your recommendations!

A Lewis said...

I tried this a month or so ago...it sort of worked...but, clearly, I've got some learning to do to make it overtly successful. Really super cool though, eh??

tornwordo said...

Maybe you can slip in various components of Denton and we can assemble. Looks like we've got the forehead.

Anonymous said...

Did you take those with the white IPhone?

Cubby said...

The App of the Month idea is good.

Ur-spo said...

oooh! FUN! Thank you for this !

Erik Rubright said...

A couple good alternatives to Photosynth are "Pano" and "AutoStitch". But as you said, Photosynth is free... and I use it too. ;-)